Easy DIY Story Stones

I have an awesome post for you today! Lately, I have been seeing fun story stones all over Pinterest.  I knew I wanted to make some, but I just didn’t have a fully formed planned yet.  Lawn Fawn had their fall release so I headed down to my favorite stamping store, Stamp Delights in La Mesa to pick up their new Into the Woods Stamp set.  Later that day I was talking to my bff and it hit me, these would be perfect for her.  She just started a new job as a teacher at a college prep preschool and her class focuses on outdoor education.  I knew these would be perfect for her.

story Stones 3

I started off by visiting my good friend Steve over at Alpine Materials and finding about 20 stones about the size of my palm and completely flat.  I washed them in water and a little soap and left them out to dry.  I stamped, colored, and cut out my favorite images from the Into the Woods set.  Story Stones are typically used with children who are having a hard time using words or expressing emotions so I wanted a good mix of images.

Story Stones 1

I then Mod Podged (one of my favorite materials) the images to the rocks.  I let them dry about 15 minutes between coasts for a total of 5 coats.  Next time I make them I will also put a acrylic top coat to help seal the images to the rock.  That is it!  Easy as can be, right?

Story Stone 2

Aren’t they so fun?

Story Stone College total

What theme would you make your story stones in?


Crafts for Kids – Decorative Stones

‘Ello All

Today’s post is a craft that I did this weekend with the children at the church I work for.  I am a Children’s Ministry Coordinator and focus on children from nursery age  up to 5th grade.  For Father’s day I wanted to create a craft that I knew the Fathers were going to love, so I asked around and the dads I talked to said they loved getting decorative stones from their children.  They are easy to do and great to put on a desk or shelf.  I went to Micheals and got a pack of their median sized rocks and tissue paper squares.  I knew I wasn’t going to have time to cut up squares of tissues paper so I spent the extra money on them.

 Gift for dad.  Easy decortive stones for kids church craft from bumblebreeblog.

Here  is the sample craft that I made so that the volunteer teachers and the children would know what we were doing.  I gave them tissue paper, watered downed white glue (homemade Mod Podge), and cut out cute sayings so that they could glue those on as well.  I added some that were gender neutral for our children who don’t have a father in their life.  They great thing about children is that they never do what is expected.

Gift for dad.  Easy decortive stones for kids church craft from bumblebreeblog

This beautiful creation was created by one of my 3 year olds.  She had a great time adding more and more paper.  Aren’t the textures great on this rock?  She is so creative and was so excited about being able to give it to “daddy”.

Gift for dad.  Easy decortive stones for kids church craft from bumblebreeblog

This creation was made by one of our new 3rd graders.  He said he wanted it to look like a frog.  What a great 3-D imagination this boy has!

Happy Mother's Day 4

These were created by the rest of my grade school kids.  You can tell they are still very wet.  Isn’t it great that they added some cute googly eyes!

Hope you enjoyed my post.  Its fun to post the crafts that children actually make rather than the crafts we hope they will make.  🙂