DIY Little Surprise Vials

One of my favorite purchases from Pick Your Plum  is a set of medium and large vials!  I just loves how magical they seemed. The perfect container to put something small and special in.

Well, the beautiful vials sat in the closet for months while I tried to come up with something to do with them.
Cute little surprise vials from bumblebreeblog.  #vials are from #pickyourplum. Perfect and easy to make.

When walking through a cute boutique in NorCal I saw a fun little vial with  strings and and beads hanging from the cork.  I picked it up and saw the price: $22!  I couldn’t believe it.  I knew that I could make something  just as cute for a lot less.  So that’s what I did.

My first step was to push a needle with thread through the bottom of the cork to the top.  I had to use the pliers to pull the needle out  after it got half the way through but it was surprisingly easy.  I then created the hanging items.  I thought the little heart and snow man would be super sweet.  The heart was from a little punch and the snowman came from the Lawn Fawn Winter Gifts set, it was the perfect size to fit into the vial.  🙂  I then glued the items to the bottom of the thread and placed them into the vial so that I could get the thread at the perfect length.  I then tied a knot at the top of the cork and cut it.  I thought that the snowman needed some glittery snow.

So easy and fun.  A perfect gift for friends and family and so easy to do.