“Be Yourself Together” -Happy Birthday Steve


One of my favorite places to get information on unique stuff is from Brit + Co.  Right now they are joining with Target to have a couples photo contest: “Be Yourself Together“.  Steve’s birthday is this Sunday so this contest really inspired me to go through some of our old pictures.  I have compiled my top 5 favorites (excluding our wedding photos of course 😉 )


1) This photo is one of the first Steve and I took when we first started dating.  This is from our honors graduation ceremony.  Together, we successfully complied our thesis and jumped into the world of being adults and trying to find jobs.  Little did we know that 3 years later we be getting married!


2) This photo expresses our love of doing fun and silly things together.  We were camping together for the first time and we bought these huge ice pops.  It created the perfect opportunity for a photo op.

Melinda Wedding

3) I love my face in this photo.  This photo was taken during my good friends wedding.  It reminds me that Steve will always help me through every situation even when I feel as if he is going to drop me.  (Thankfully in this photo he didn’t drop me)

4) What a great candid photo this one is!  A friend of mine agreed to take photos of us at a fun old train park.  Steve was being silly and she snapped the photo at the perfect time.  🙂
Engagement Photoes

5)  Finally, I wanted to add one from the engagement photos ( I am sure you are tired of seeing them, but I couldn’t resist).  We make such a perfect pair that together we could rock our Mad Men engagement photos.

What photos are most important for you and your partner?  What do they mean to you?  Don’t forget to enter the Brit + Co. photo contest too!


How we used #Hashtags at our wedding

For our wedding we really wanted to take advantage of technology and use #hashtags.  For those of you who don’t know what a hashtag is I looked to Wikipedia to find you the answer:

hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol #.[1][2] It is a form of metadata tag.

Hashtags provide a means of grouping such messages, since one can search for the hashtag and get the set of messages that contain it.

So basically when you use a # infront of a word on certain social media sites you have now created a link between your post and other people who use the same hashtag.  The great thing about this as you can use it for marketing or for sharing information all in one place.  I created this sign and placed it by our guestbook:

How we used #Hashtags at our wedding from bumblebreeblog

So when our guests used any type of social media and they used our wedding hashtag we were able to find those pictures and posts.  Here are some of the great pictures that are guests took!

How we used #Hashtags at our wedding from bumblebreeblog How we used #Hashtags at our wedding from bumblebreeblog How we used #Hashtags at our wedding from bumblebreeblog How we used #Hashtags at our wedding from bumblebreeblog How we used #Hashtags at our wedding from bumblebreeblog How we used #Hashtags at our wedding from bumblebreeblog

The great part about using hashtags is that  we were able to the view our wedding from the eyes of our guests.  Professional photos are beautiful, but sometimes you need the real feeling of the event.

Have you used #hashtags at any event or wedding?  What do you think of them?

Wedding Shoes, Garter, Hair Piece and a Ring

Happy Wednesday! Today’s post is a look into some of my accessories for wedding.

Beautiful Bridal Flats, Gater and Hair Piece!  Perfect for a romantic vintage wedding.  From bubmelbreeblog and photoes from Melinda Lara Photography

First, I want to start with my beautiful custom-made hair piece and garter.  Right after our engagement my husband (isn’t it so fun saying that!) and I went up North to visit his family.  We were able to visit one of my favorite stores, Gracefully Vintage, where I found the gorgeous cream lace and I knew it would make the perfect bridal accessories.  A couple months later when I went to a swap meet I found the vintage buttons and I knew I had to use them too!

I took all my beautiful pieces down to a charming bridal boutique in La Mesa, Sparrow Bridal!  Sparrow Bridal is a consignment bridal boutique. I take every engaged friend I have to this great shop.  The owner is super nice and helpful.  The dresses and accessories are beautiful and the owner makes the hair pieces and  garters herself!  She will also do custom designs like she did for me.  She took my beautiful materials and created amazing accessories!   Don’t you just love them!?  Her prices are fantastic and I recommend that every bride stop by and check it out!  I didn’t get my dress there but my best friend did and she was super happy with it.  All of the items I did buy were perfect as well.

Now for my beautiful shoes!  High heals and I don’t agree so I knew that on my wedding day I need some beauitufl vintage flats and when I found Pink2Blue on Etsy.com I knew I found the shoes of my dreams!  The great part about her shoes is that you can have them stained to whatever color you want!  She adds all the beautiful lace, crystals and pearls so that you can pick and choose what you want.  I just had her match the picture on her site and I was not disappointed.  They came beautifully wrapped and were shipped completely safe.  They also came with beautifully tea stained ribbon that can be used to tie the shoes just like ballet flats!  The day of, these shoes were a God sent.  I was able to party all day and night long.  I was worried about the bottom of the shoes at first but they held up through dirt, cement, asphalt, carpet and grass!  The next day the shoes looked just as good as the day I got them in the mail.  I was extremely satisfied with my purchase of my gorgeous wedding flats!

Beautiful bridal flats, perfect for a romantic vintage wedding.  From bubmelbreeblog and photoes from Melinda Lara Photography

On a quick side note my stunning engagement ring came from Robbins Brothers!

Finally, I want to say a big Thank You to Melinda Lara Photography for these great photos that she took of my accessories during  our boudoir photoshoot for Steven’s grooms gift.  Lets just say he really liked it.  😉

Happy Dad’s Day – Clean and Simple

Happy Monday! Today I am sharing my CAS Father’s Day cards. It really highlights the dad’s day set from Lawn Fawn.  I wanted to use kraft paper to create that masculine feel.

Happy Dad's Day! Clean and simple red couch card from bumblebreeblog.

I created the first card for Steve’s grandpa.  I knew I wanted to use the gorgeous washi tape from Freckled Fawn .  I makes me think of a well worn chair that my maternal grandfather would sit in, watching TV or reading with his cat and dog.  He passed away this winter so this card was in memory of him and I am glad I get to share it with my new grandfather-in-law.

Happy Dad's Day card from bumblebreeblog.

This last card is for my paternal grandfather.  He just moved back to the same town as my parents, because of his health.  It has been very nice to visit with him and get to know him better.  I thought the blue, white, and kraft were a perfect combination.  I got the inspiration for this card from the Lawn Fawn site: here.

Thanks for looking!