DIY Little Surprise Vials

One of my favorite purchases from Pick Your Plum  is a set of medium and large vials!  I just loves how magical they seemed. The perfect container to put something small and special in.

Well, the beautiful vials sat in the closet for months while I tried to come up with something to do with them.
Cute little surprise vials from bumblebreeblog.  #vials are from #pickyourplum. Perfect and easy to make.

When walking through a cute boutique in NorCal I saw a fun little vial with  strings and and beads hanging from the cork.  I picked it up and saw the price: $22!  I couldn’t believe it.  I knew that I could make something  just as cute for a lot less.  So that’s what I did.

My first step was to push a needle with thread through the bottom of the cork to the top.  I had to use the pliers to pull the needle out  after it got half the way through but it was surprisingly easy.  I then created the hanging items.  I thought the little heart and snow man would be super sweet.  The heart was from a little punch and the snowman came from the Lawn Fawn Winter Gifts set, it was the perfect size to fit into the vial.  🙂  I then glued the items to the bottom of the thread and placed them into the vial so that I could get the thread at the perfect length.  I then tied a knot at the top of the cork and cut it.  I thought that the snowman needed some glittery snow.

So easy and fun.  A perfect gift for friends and family and so easy to do.


Peace, Love and Joy Christmas Card

Happy Fall!

Ok, so I know that Christmas is still very far away, but I want to get a jump on making Christmas card this year.  Lawn Fawn has some great sets that they just released that I knew would make a great card.  I wanted this card to really free like all the best things of Christmas are in one place.  I used the Into the Woods set for the deer (Lawn Fawn also announced today that they have created lawn cuts for the Into the Woods set!), the santa hat comes from the Hats Off to You set, the words and trees are from Peace Joy Love and the tag is from the Winter Gifts set.

Christmas Card-Peace Love and JoyThe Red and Green flower and bakers twine is from Pick Your Plum!

I hope you enjoyed my fun card. Are you going to make Christmas cards this year?  When do you get started?

Easy DIY Story Stones

I have an awesome post for you today! Lately, I have been seeing fun story stones all over Pinterest.  I knew I wanted to make some, but I just didn’t have a fully formed planned yet.  Lawn Fawn had their fall release so I headed down to my favorite stamping store, Stamp Delights in La Mesa to pick up their new Into the Woods Stamp set.  Later that day I was talking to my bff and it hit me, these would be perfect for her.  She just started a new job as a teacher at a college prep preschool and her class focuses on outdoor education.  I knew these would be perfect for her.

story Stones 3

I started off by visiting my good friend Steve over at Alpine Materials and finding about 20 stones about the size of my palm and completely flat.  I washed them in water and a little soap and left them out to dry.  I stamped, colored, and cut out my favorite images from the Into the Woods set.  Story Stones are typically used with children who are having a hard time using words or expressing emotions so I wanted a good mix of images.

Story Stones 1

I then Mod Podged (one of my favorite materials) the images to the rocks.  I let them dry about 15 minutes between coasts for a total of 5 coats.  Next time I make them I will also put a acrylic top coat to help seal the images to the rock.  That is it!  Easy as can be, right?

Story Stone 2

Aren’t they so fun?

Story Stone College total

What theme would you make your story stones in?

Facebook Page!

I have some exciting news today!  I have started a Facebook page.

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blog like final

Do it!!

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“Be Yourself Together” -Happy Birthday Steve


One of my favorite places to get information on unique stuff is from Brit + Co.  Right now they are joining with Target to have a couples photo contest: “Be Yourself Together“.  Steve’s birthday is this Sunday so this contest really inspired me to go through some of our old pictures.  I have compiled my top 5 favorites (excluding our wedding photos of course 😉 )


1) This photo is one of the first Steve and I took when we first started dating.  This is from our honors graduation ceremony.  Together, we successfully complied our thesis and jumped into the world of being adults and trying to find jobs.  Little did we know that 3 years later we be getting married!


2) This photo expresses our love of doing fun and silly things together.  We were camping together for the first time and we bought these huge ice pops.  It created the perfect opportunity for a photo op.

Melinda Wedding

3) I love my face in this photo.  This photo was taken during my good friends wedding.  It reminds me that Steve will always help me through every situation even when I feel as if he is going to drop me.  (Thankfully in this photo he didn’t drop me)

4) What a great candid photo this one is!  A friend of mine agreed to take photos of us at a fun old train park.  Steve was being silly and she snapped the photo at the perfect time.  🙂
Engagement Photoes

5)  Finally, I wanted to add one from the engagement photos ( I am sure you are tired of seeing them, but I couldn’t resist).  We make such a perfect pair that together we could rock our Mad Men engagement photos.

What photos are most important for you and your partner?  What do they mean to you?  Don’t forget to enter the Brit + Co. photo contest too!

DIY Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

Hey Hey Friends!

I have a flashback DIY for you today.  Halloween will be here soon enough and if you want to make your costume you may be starting now so I wanted to share the costumes I made last year for Steve and I: Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head!

Halloween Costumes

Last year, I found this great DIY costume post here.  I knew that I could make this super cute and easy and I could use my Cricut to make this happen.  I am excited that this is my first Cricut post!

Halloween Costume Templete

 So, I started off finding the pieces in my CCR folders.  I purchased the Halloween Rental bundle so I had a lot of options.  I ended up using Frankenstein’s Face (did you notice that Fankenstein’s mouth is actually Mr. Potato Head’s eyebrow?) , Mustaches & Glasses Digital Cartridge, and  Cricut® Tie the Knot Cartridge.  I cut out each of the pieces on super thick card stock to use as a template.  I traced the paper pieces onto felt pieces that I then hot glued onto brown t-shirts.  Finally, I created Mr. and Mrs.  hats to complete the look.

Me in Costume

So what do you think?  It was super fun and we had a great time wearing them.  All the kids at both my jobs thought they were super fun!

Happy Birthday Sister!

Hello all!

Today I have a card that I made for my sister’s birthday.   We celebrated her birthday this weekend at my parents house.  Her dog got out and ran away while we were having a fun time.  Unfortunately, it put a damper on the partying, but thankfully we found him 20 hours later.  Happy Birthday SisterOk, so now to the card! Purple and green have been her favorite colors since she was young so I wanted to use this combination.    I used 

gnome sweet gnome from Lawn Fawn  and colored them using my Prisma colored pencils.  The green washi tape and resin flower are from Pick Your Plum!