“Be Yourself Together” -Happy Birthday Steve


One of my favorite places to get information on unique stuff is from Brit + Co.  Right now they are joining with Target to have a couples photo contest: “Be Yourself Together“.  Steve’s birthday is this Sunday so this contest really inspired me to go through some of our old pictures.  I have compiled my top 5 favorites (excluding our wedding photos of course 😉 )


1) This photo is one of the first Steve and I took when we first started dating.  This is from our honors graduation ceremony.  Together, we successfully complied our thesis and jumped into the world of being adults and trying to find jobs.  Little did we know that 3 years later we be getting married!


2) This photo expresses our love of doing fun and silly things together.  We were camping together for the first time and we bought these huge ice pops.  It created the perfect opportunity for a photo op.

Melinda Wedding

3) I love my face in this photo.  This photo was taken during my good friends wedding.  It reminds me that Steve will always help me through every situation even when I feel as if he is going to drop me.  (Thankfully in this photo he didn’t drop me)

4) What a great candid photo this one is!  A friend of mine agreed to take photos of us at a fun old train park.  Steve was being silly and she snapped the photo at the perfect time.  🙂
Engagement Photoes

5)  Finally, I wanted to add one from the engagement photos ( I am sure you are tired of seeing them, but I couldn’t resist).  We make such a perfect pair that together we could rock our Mad Men engagement photos.

What photos are most important for you and your partner?  What do they mean to you?  Don’t forget to enter the Brit + Co. photo contest too!


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