DIY Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

Hey Hey Friends!

I have a flashback DIY for you today.  Halloween will be here soon enough and if you want to make your costume you may be starting now so I wanted to share the costumes I made last year for Steve and I: Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head!

Halloween Costumes

Last year, I found this great DIY costume post here.  I knew that I could make this super cute and easy and I could use my Cricut to make this happen.  I am excited that this is my first Cricut post!

Halloween Costume Templete

 So, I started off finding the pieces in my CCR folders.  I purchased the Halloween Rental bundle so I had a lot of options.  I ended up using Frankenstein’s Face (did you notice that Fankenstein’s mouth is actually Mr. Potato Head’s eyebrow?) , Mustaches & Glasses Digital Cartridge, and  Cricut® Tie the Knot Cartridge.  I cut out each of the pieces on super thick card stock to use as a template.  I traced the paper pieces onto felt pieces that I then hot glued onto brown t-shirts.  Finally, I created Mr. and Mrs.  hats to complete the look.

Me in Costume

So what do you think?  It was super fun and we had a great time wearing them.  All the kids at both my jobs thought they were super fun!


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