Wedding Shoes, Garter, Hair Piece and a Ring

Happy Wednesday! Today’s post is a look into some of my accessories for wedding.

Beautiful Bridal Flats, Gater and Hair Piece!  Perfect for a romantic vintage wedding.  From bubmelbreeblog and photoes from Melinda Lara Photography

First, I want to start with my beautiful custom-made hair piece and garter.  Right after our engagement my husband (isn’t it so fun saying that!) and I went up North to visit his family.  We were able to visit one of my favorite stores, Gracefully Vintage, where I found the gorgeous cream lace and I knew it would make the perfect bridal accessories.  A couple months later when I went to a swap meet I found the vintage buttons and I knew I had to use them too!

I took all my beautiful pieces down to a charming bridal boutique in La Mesa, Sparrow Bridal!  Sparrow Bridal is a consignment bridal boutique. I take every engaged friend I have to this great shop.  The owner is super nice and helpful.  The dresses and accessories are beautiful and the owner makes the hair pieces and  garters herself!  She will also do custom designs like she did for me.  She took my beautiful materials and created amazing accessories!   Don’t you just love them!?  Her prices are fantastic and I recommend that every bride stop by and check it out!  I didn’t get my dress there but my best friend did and she was super happy with it.  All of the items I did buy were perfect as well.

Now for my beautiful shoes!  High heals and I don’t agree so I knew that on my wedding day I need some beauitufl vintage flats and when I found Pink2Blue on I knew I found the shoes of my dreams!  The great part about her shoes is that you can have them stained to whatever color you want!  She adds all the beautiful lace, crystals and pearls so that you can pick and choose what you want.  I just had her match the picture on her site and I was not disappointed.  They came beautifully wrapped and were shipped completely safe.  They also came with beautifully tea stained ribbon that can be used to tie the shoes just like ballet flats!  The day of, these shoes were a God sent.  I was able to party all day and night long.  I was worried about the bottom of the shoes at first but they held up through dirt, cement, asphalt, carpet and grass!  The next day the shoes looked just as good as the day I got them in the mail.  I was extremely satisfied with my purchase of my gorgeous wedding flats!

Beautiful bridal flats, perfect for a romantic vintage wedding.  From bubmelbreeblog and photoes from Melinda Lara Photography

On a quick side note my stunning engagement ring came from Robbins Brothers!

Finally, I want to say a big Thank You to Melinda Lara Photography for these great photos that she took of my accessories during  our boudoir photoshoot for Steven’s grooms gift.  Lets just say he really liked it.  😉


Back to School – August Parents Night Out

Hi There!

I have a fun post for you today.  I am the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at Pacific Beach Christian Church and each month we have a Parent’s Night Out (PNO) event.  Parents can feel comfortable leaving their children with us so that they can have a date night, run errands, or even just enjoy some silence.  🙂  For our August PNO we had a fun Back to School theme.  We also had one of the high school youth come to help us!  It was amazing and I couldn’t have done it without him!

Parent's Night Out

To start off the night we had homemade lunchables.  We had lunch meats, cheese, crackers, grapes and yummy chocolate pudding!  The kids loved the meal and thought it was cool that it was just like a lunchable.

Our first craft of the night was to make melted crayons.  We put small pieces of crayons (without the paper) into paper cups.  The paper cups were then placed into a container filled with water.  I then microwaved the crayons for 30 seconds at a time.  It was taking WAY to long so I added a little bit of water to the paper cups and the crayons finally started to melt.

Crayons in Microwave

Once the crayons were melted I removed them from the microwave and let them cool on the counter.  The cool part of adding the water is that it created crevices in the melted crayon.  The boys loved it!  If I was going to do it again I would just melt the crayons in the oven inside muffin tins.  The microwave was just too much work.

Melted Crayon

We had a great time hanging out and and spending time together!

busy coloring

What is the the most important thing to bring to the first day of school?  A pencil of course!!  For our second craft we created fun pencil topper monsters.  We used pipe cleaners, pom poms, googly eyes, and feathers!


Aren’t they so fun?

Back to School Themed Parents Night Out from bumblebreeblog

I hope that you enjoyed the look into our exciting event!  We had an amazing time.  Check back next month to see our September PNO with a Fall theme!

Alternative Bachelorette Party- Stamp Delights

Hello all!

We are finally back from the honeymoon and I am ready to start giving my blog some more love! I am even hoping to craft something today.  🙂

For today’s post I wanted to talk about my bachelorette party.  I am not a “go to Vegas and get smashed” type of person, but rather a nerdy crafter who loves her cat.  I wanted to be true to myself so I decided I wanted to have a crafting bachelorette party!

Alternative Bachelorette Party at Stamping Delights in La Mesa.  Review by bumblebreeblog.

There is a great little, diamond-in-the-ruff, stamping shop, Stamp Delights, in La Mesa that I frequent a lot.  She has thousands of stamps and is always getting new stuff and has a lot of great classes as well.  She was super nice and created such a great custom class for us at a great price.  For our class, we created our own 6×6 memory books using the theme from the wedding: blue, yellow, burlap and lace.  Debby did a great job putting together a great sample and going step by step through each part of the book.  Many of my guests aren’t big crafters so they were really hesitant about creating a craft but Debby made them feel comfortable and everyones books looked amazing!!  She also took all these great pictures and had them send to me on the same night.  I recommend Stamping Delights for any crafter that wants something unique or hard to find, the products are great and the classes are fun and Debby is so accommodating and friendly.

Alternative Bachelorette Party at Stamping Delights in La Mesa.  Review by bumblebreeblog.

My Matron of Honor also did a great job bringing food creating a great environment for us.  She brought yummy food, decorative water bottles, and homemade strawberry lemonade (which was amazing!!).

Alternative Bachelorette Party at Stamping Delights in La Mesa.  Review by bumblebreeblog.

I hope that you enjoyed the look into my bachelorette party and I hope that more brides stay true to themselves and have a party that represents them!